Out-Of-Band Development, LLC

Business Process Analysis

Well documented processes will improve training for your staff and will reduce confusion and frustration for your customers. Working with someone to understand and improve your processes will mean faster sales and happier customers.

Customized Software

So you found a product to help manage your business. Problem is it doesn’t quite fit. You don’t have to hire a team of developers and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to reinvent the wheel. See about having your existing products customized to meet your needs.

Cross System Reporting

Cross system reporting takes your data and puts it to work. Build leads from your own data to build repeat customers.

Systems Integration

A common problem is finding the best products to fit your business. They are often not from the same vendor and often times they don’t communicate across departments and groups.

Custom systems integration takes this hodgepodge of applications and builds them into one coherent suite of tools tailored to your business. This improves customer happiness and repeat sales.

Data Migration

Finally, the new software is installed and configured now for getting all of your customer records transferred over. How do you make sure that all of your customers were moved? Is everyone’s name spelled correctly? Are all of their past orders listed and service contracts up-to-date?

Have all of your existing data transformed, migrated and reconciled. No more double keying and confusion on the system of record. Happy staff, happy customers and less stress.

Centralized Dashboards

Running a business is difficult enough. Having to dig though reports from various disconnected systems make it nearly impossible to understand how well your business is running.

Centralized dashboards with performances indicators across departments and overtime gives you instance access to the heartbeat of your business. Have the critical data about your business at your fingertips when you need it most.